Audrie, 15, sophomore, ednos, anorexia, self harm, bulimia, anxiety, bipolar, bullied. this blog is for my thoughts and emotions. if you've got a problem with it, fuck off, it's MINE. i do not glorify or promote self harm or eating disorders. i follow back and i will give anyone advice, anytime; i promise.



when you walk into class late as soon as the teacher is calling your name for attendance


French Friend: well, the total cost of me going to Med school is about 406 a year -

American Friend: THOUSAND?

French Friend: Um, no. 406 Euro. It sounds a little high but it covers the cost of my textbooks, extra classes and most of my housing. How much is it for you?


my celebrity crushes always start with “who the hell is this” and always turn into “that’s his right nostril I can tell”



My anaconda don’t want none unless the state of the economy recovers, minimum wage workers see an increase in their pay, and women, racial, and sexual minorities acquire their rights.



I think my parents consider me to be a god. Because they always ask me ridiculous questions that I don’t have the answer to.




I am reading an essay called Male-Male Desire in Pharaonic Egypt (by Alex Clayden) which is actually pretty good


I just need to draw attention to this little gem of a pick-up line


Attention, followers: you now know how to write “nice ass” in hieroglyphics.

all i ever wanted out of life tbh


"fat girls shouldn’t—"

—have to deal with your narrow minded bullshit.


im so worried about tall boys….be safe…be careful up there… maybe u should come down here and kiss me